Sit back under the arch for an hour of tales to intrigue, amuse and provoke. Stories of crossed wires, false memories and misunderstandings.

For Tales From the Arch, D-Fen is offering ‘Recollections May Vary’, a blend of short stories featuring characters you can relate to and believe in, roads not taken and different versions of events.

We want you to have as much fun watching and listening as we have performing, so we’ll keep it short and snappy, with drinks on hand and a musical interlude or two. Join us for an hour of escapism on a Sunday evening in this unique riverside setting on the site of the famous Putney Debates. You can expect conflict, resolution, joy and despair, perhaps a happy ending or a twist in the tail.

But then again, recollections may vary.

D-Fen is a collective with its roots in a City Lit writing class, a hotchpotch of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities. For five years its members have met three times a month, online and in person, to share stories on themes designed to excite, amuse, move, provoke and sometimes frighten (the name D-Fen comes from a saga of shattered glass and defenestration). Their work has appeared in print, online, on YouTube and in live performance.