Wandsworth Arts Fringe – DYLAN HARVEY DEAD SERIOUS

“We’re both lost… you just haven’t realised.”

We come to you with a question! If you existed entirely in solitude, how would you find purpose from just looking within yourself? Do you cling to the past, or run from the future? This is a creation story to answer those questions, a journey of self-discovery amid an onslaught of ever-mounting pressure.

‘Dead Serious’ was born in a post-lockdown world, re-learning what makes meaningful human connections in a time struck by isolation. Failing to understand yourself makes forming connections with those around you impossible; you’ve got to start from the inside.

Following its debut on The House Stage in Plymouth, ‘Dead Serious’ is here to search the confines of your mind, digging up that which has been bottled and suppressed beneath the madness of the world. Only then can you begin to unravel your truth…

In a captivating piece of new writing, we invite you to confront your own reflection, your mirror, to liberate yourself from caring that bit too much. We challenge you to make the imaginary your reality. Written and directed by Dylan Harvey, ‘Dead Serious’ is about being comfortable in your loneliness, and living in the present.

Part of Wandsworth New Writing Festival.