Wandsworth Arts Fringe – STAGE D’OR CHET BAKER: LET’S GET LOST

Stage D’Or presents ‘Chet Baker: Let’s Get Lost’, a dramatic monologue written by Tim Connery, directed by Finlay Glen and featuring the remarkable talents of Alfredo Mudie Smart as Chet Baker.

It is 1956, and Chet Baker (Alfredo Mudie Smart) has it all. A young, handsome, gifted jazz trumpeter who is also the possessor of a haunting voice, his record sales are huge, and he has just finished his first movie.

But Chet is about to throw it all away, and during a rehearsal for a gig he tells us why. ‘Chet Baker: Let’s Get Lost’ is a compelling mix of drama and live singing and jazz trumpet playing.

Part of Wandsworth New Writing Festival