Waste free cookery class

Join us for a (waste) free workshop at one of our Small Change, Big Difference cookery classes at Putney Pantry.

Join us for a (waste) free workshop at one of our Small Change, Big Difference cookery classes. Learn some sustainable food tips and make your own dinner – then hang around to eat it with us! We’ve teamed up with Putney Pantry to deliver two of these healthy, waste-free classes.

This class will be hosted by food waste writer Ann Storr, who spent years making delicious recipes on a low budget and turned her knowledge and passion for reducing food waste into StorrCupboard.

Ann will be teaching us how to make:

  • Organic paneer cheese using left over milk (to have with veggie curry)
  • Gut-health happy fermented veggies
  • Pancakes

We all love food! After all, we can’t live without it. But sometimes, good food goes to waste – when it could have been eaten, or at least be turned into electricity or compost just by recycling it. The average household in London loses £70 a month to food waste. A whopping 910,000 tonnes of it goes to landfill every year – the equivalent of one out of every five meals.

Here at the Small Change, Big Difference campaign, we think it’s about time food got the respect it deserves. So we’re running 30 cookery workshops across our food-loving capital city between July and October, showing you how you can make delicious, healthy and waste-free food easily at home and make a genuine difference to the planet. Amongst other things, we’ll be showing you how to eat less meat, use up leftovers, store food so it doesn’t go off, and generally get virtuous with your food!

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Please note:
This event is for over 18’s only. Max 2 classes per person. If you fail to turn up your deposit is non-refundable and will be donated to The Felix Project.