Women’s Eight Head of the River Race

A public towpath runs the length of the course, so there is no shortage of good vantage points for cheering your crew on to victory. However, bear in mind that the race lasts approximately 2 hours from when the first crew passes the start to when the last crosses the finish. You may prefer to watch from a rowing club (most will have some food and/or drink available to the public) or a local restaurant or pub. Read more about viewing locations below.

As the race is run on a section of the tidal Thames, coxes aim to steer ‘the racing line,’ which places them in the fastest water (in ‘the stream’). Depending on the strength of the stream on the day, the fastest crew may take between 18 and 22 minutes to complete the course.

Taking into account the 10-second starting gap between crews, we can get a rough estimate of when crews will pass through certain points. Putney embankment offers a clear view of the last two minutes of the race as the crews sprint for the line and our local shops, bar and restaurants in the local area have exciting offers for you!

For more information please visit: http://www.wehorr.org/where-to-watch/