Judith Chegwidden, Putney Society

Judith is a longstanding Putney Resident, and member of Putney Society the local amenity society. Judith sat on the Putney Partnership Board which was co-ordinated by the Council Economic Development office and then became an observer on the Board of Directors when Positively Putney BID was established. Read about what she loves most about Putney.

Tell us about yourself and why you chose to live in Putney?

I first came to live in Putney when I was a postgraduate student in the late 1960s.  It was convenient for my lab and I already knew people in the area. Apart from a very short while in Balham, I have lived here ever since. 

What do you love most about Putney?

The open spaces, street trees, conservation areas, transport links and the convenience of local shops. Putney is where I call home.

Describe Putney in three words

  • Friendly
  • Green
  • Accessible

As a strong supporter of Putney town centre, what would be your top tips for how people can support local businesses?

I would give the same answers many other people would say – spend locally whenever you can, buy a takeaway or delivery in Putney; order online from a local business or click & collect whilst we can’t go into shops; support businesses by following them on social media and sharing positive feedback with others. But, I would also like to give a top tip directly to landlords who own commercial properties in our town and on the High Street, which is to reflect the requirements of the Putney community by being more flexible to pop ups and temporary uses of empty units and looking to bring in businesses besides retail which will help to make our high street thrive again.

Tell us about Putney Society?

Putney Society, a registered charity, is an amenity society. Amenity societies are run by volunteers who contribute their time and skills to preserve and enhance their local heritage and community. We have four panels; Buildings, transport, community and open spaces. Each hold monthly meetings to discuss local issues. The Society also organises social, cultural and heritage events for members. Why not play your part in keeping Putney and Roehampton pleasant places to live and work in and join Putney Society. It is simple to become a member. Head to their website, click on the membership tab and you can fill out details to sign up online.

For more information about Putney Society please visit www.putneysociety.org.uk

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