Positively Putney.mp4 from SeedL Group on Vimeo.

To find out how the programme works watch the short film above.

On Monday 10th October we launched our Putney town centre learning solution in partnership with SeedL. The innovative learning hub offers all employees that work in the Positively Putney BID businesses, free unlimited access to up to 200 live courses at any given time. The learning solution, offers topics that help local employees learn new skills, help their employer’s performance and ultimately make Putney town centre more successful.

Employees of our levy payers can choose from a range of subjects including Retail Management, Customer Service and right through to Microsoft Excel and Project Management. With so many types of businesses in our town centre, this is a great way for us to address learning needs of retailers and professional services firms alike. On completing a course, the employee can download a Positively Putney BID completion learning certificate, helping those staff evidence their personal development.

To sign up click here.