Boat Race 2023

The Boat Race in Putney has brought together sports enthusiasts since 1829 when it was first held on the Thames River. Since then, it has become a symbol of fierce sporting rivalry between the two universities: Oxford and Cambridge.

This year thousands of spectators travelling to Putney have witnessed this spectacular race and adding to the competitive atmosphere,  music and food stalls ranging from classic British chips to Italian fried pizza.

This year, Cambridge emerged victorious, winning both men’s and women’s races and securing a double boat race glory.

But it was not just the athletes who were impressive at this year’s Boat Race. A 10-year-old guitarist and young musician from SW London has also wowed the crowd with his musical talent. Phoenix , who has been playing guitar since the age of four, entertained the crowds adding to the already electric atmosphere.

Overall, the boat race was a huge success with a fantastic turnout. Congratulations to Cambridge on their well-deserved victories.

written by Mona-Lisa De Greve, who had never heard of the Boat Race until she started working for Positively Putney but thoroughly enjoyed her first experience of it!

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