Business in Bloom

Aiming for Gold

This year we are gearing up to make a vibrant statement in this year’s London in Bloom competition. After achieving silver status for the last three years we have set our sights on achieving the coveted gold award. In a bid to transform Putney into a floral paradise, we are rallying businesses to join hands and contribute to the area’s green standing. The London in Bloom competition, an annual event celebrating green spaces and floral displays, has become a focal point for Putney’s ambitions to showcase its beauty.

When is London in Bloom Judged in 2024?

Judging will take place between 24th June – 12th July and evaluate various aspects, including floral displays, environmental initiatives, and community engagement. Putney is determined to exceed expectations and create a lasting impression with its commitment to cultivating a vibrant and colourful landscape.

How to get involved

Local businesses are being encouraged to play a pivotal role in Putney’s pursuit of the gold award. We are calling on shops, restaurants, and offices to embrace the spirit of London in Bloom by adorning their frontage and surrounding areas with eye-catching flowers and plants whether through window boxes, hanging baskets, or green walls. The goal is not only to enhance the visual appeal of the district but also to foster a sense of community pride and environmental responsibility.

Contribute to Putney’s Aesthetic

Businesses that take part will not only contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of Putney but will also benefit from increased foot traffic and a positive brand image. Studies have shown that vibrant green spaces contribute to a sense of well-being and attract more visitors to an area.

Let us know your plans

By rallying local businesses to join in the floral revolution, Putney is sowing the seeds of community pride and environmental consciousness. We will be asking people to vote for their favourite businesses on social media from the beginning of June, we will then decide on winning businesses to showcase to the London in Bloom judge. To take part and let us know your London in Bloom plans, please email

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