Our Positively Putney BID Team always welcome input and ideas from all levy paying businesses and want to hear of any issues and concerns so that we can continually evolve and adapt according to priorities. The BID team are regularly out and about meeting with businesses so please do get in touch if you would like to visit our office, or for one of us to come to your premises and discuss projects and services which are relevant to you and your business.

We appreciate communication preferences differ and thus we implement a cross-channel approach so you can choose your preferred way to connect with us.

For any queries on business communications, please contact nicolagrant@positivelyputney.co.uk.

Subscribe to our business newsletter

E-newsletter: We will produce a monthly newsletter for BID Members. This will be a relevant, timely and interactive news summary, whether it is an update on the delivery of a project, our response to a local consultation or details of a festival, we aim to provide businesses with important information and opportunities to consider.

Following feedback in the the BID survey in June 2019 we now produce a quarterly paper newsletter for businesses.

With the rise in popularity of social media, we connect with businesses through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Annual report: We will produce an annual report which will evaluate our performance over the previous year. It will highlight our achievements, review our financial spend and set out our priorities for the following year.

AGM: We will hold an annual general meeting in June/ July each year, open to all our members to hear a summary of the work in the previous year, including our annual accounts and future plans, plus election of non-executive Board directors.

The 2022/2023 Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday 15th June – for full details click here