Issa Cissokho, Putney Pantry

Hi Issa tell us a bit about yourself and your role

Hello!!! I am Issa Cissokho. I have been working  in the hospitality industry for over 20 years mainly as a chef in restaurants in the UK and in Europe. I love the service part of the industry, meeting new people every day and bringing joy to them with a simple smile, honest service, good food and drink.

And how did you come to set up Putney Pantry?

A few years ago, while looking for a site for my first restaurant venture, some very good friends of mine told me that St Mary’s Church was looking for a new tenant for their café.  I was already taken by the building, it’s position, and the huge history behind it. After a few meetings with the committee in charge of St Mary’s Church, it felt like the perfect spot for my solo venture and that was the start of Putney Pantry! 8 years later, we are still enjoying ourselves. I have a dedicated team that has been with us for all these years and our ambitions keep on growing.

What do you love most about Putney?

Putney has a strong sense of community almost like a village feel especially from our location view point. We feel lucky to be in the heart of it here at St May’s church which is a very vibrant church welcoming all as well as a centre of community. This is the perfect set up for us who get a kick out of bringing a little joy to people. With the various function rooms and activities held at the church, we get to cater for all sorts of events from weddings to birthday parties, conference refreshment to breakfast meetings. The congregation is very supportive and we do benefit from a vast amount of expertise from them.

Dream team member and delivery champion Zak has been delivering their meals to the vulnerable through lockdown
Putney Pantry is located at St Marys Church with a wonderful outdoor cafe and spacious interior

Which is the first hospitality business you will be heading to when we are able to socialise again?

I will probably take the team across the road for a pint and a pie at Putney Pies to celebrate the resilience and support to one and another we’ve all demonstrated during the last few months

Putney Pies on Lower Richmond Road has gorgeous views of the river plus a riverside garden!

Which shop in Putney have you missed visiting during lockdown?

I like visiting Royal Trinity Hospice Charity Shop on the High Street. We have found a fair few bargains in the past and I like to support such great causes.

Brilliant second hand vintage finds at Royal Trinity Hospice, plus they have their online store at ASOS during lockdown

Describe Putney in 3 words.

  • Historic
  • Vibrant
  • Community

How can people continue to support your business at the moment?

We are open for takeaways from Wednesday to Sunday offering takeaways

We send out a weekly special menu for collection and delivery to the vulnerable.

Please email to be included in our mailing list.

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