Philip Morrow, Morrows Outfitters

Philip Morrow runs Morrows Outfitters, Putney’s ever popular luxury sock and apparel outfitters store located on the corner of Lacy Road and Putney High Street, part of Putney Exchange Shopping Centre. We caught up with him on what he loves most about Putney.

Tell us about yourself and how Morrow’s started?

In 2011 I re-established my family’s business of hosiers and outfitters. This was 17 years after my Grandfather dissolved Morrow’s Limited. I am now the 5th generation Morrow to be involved in a business that dates back to 1873 in Liverpool. My father, Graham Morrow, became a Director of the company in 2016 and is the last surviving shareholder of the original Morrow’s Limited.

I began with a range of just 18 different colours of socks which I sold from antique suitcases at Christmas Fairs and Summer Shows. I operated the business from my parents’ dining room in Liverpool. After a number of pop-up shops in central and south London we finally signed a 5 year lease for our shop in Putney in November 2019.

Philip runs Morrow’s Outfitters, a family run luxury sock retailer on Putney High Street

The majority of our socks are knitted by a 5th generation family firm which are still based in Leicestershire, the historic capital of the hosiery industry in England. They have been in business since the 1890’s and they still use the traditional method of hand-linking the toe seam. This provides the wearer with an essentially seamless sock and is the hallmark of exceptionally fine hosiery.

Today we have over 250 variations of socks in our Putney shop which are knitted at three family run factories in Leicestershire, Carmarnthshire and Hawick in the Scottish borders. Combined, these companies employ over 1,100 members of staff in the United Kingdom. We take great pride in the fact that our socks, garters, hats, braces, scarves, cashmere accessories, blankets, leather belts and umbrellas are made in the United Kingdom and Ireland. For over 75 years my Grandfather and Great Grandfather were committed to providing high quality British products. We are proud to support these family run British businesses and in supporting us you are also supporting them.

Graham and Philip standing outside their Putney premises when they first opened

What do you love most about Putney?

I love heading down to the Embankment and spending time on the River Thames next to the many rowing clubs we have just a stone’s throw away from the High Street. There are great pubs along Putney embankment and it is just a few minutes walk from our store, so it’s perfect for either a lunchtime wander or drinks after work.

Which is the first hospitality business you will be heading to when we are able to socialise again?

I can’t wait to dine in at Kashmir Restaurant, our neighbour just along on Lacy Road. Their food is so delicious and the restaurant has a great atmosphere!

Which shop in Putney have you missed visiting during lockdown?

I’ll be visiting Ben and Lola in Putney Exchange Shopping Centre

Ben & Lola have a beautiful range of Scandinavian inspired clothing & toys for girls & boys from the age of 0 months and up to the age of 8 years.

Describe Putney in 3 words.

  • Friendly
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Convenient

How can people continue to support your business at the moment?

We are continuing to sell online as we have been doing throughout lockdowns and the pandemic; plus whilst we can’t have customers in store we are happy for people to order online to get click and collect from the shop. We look forward to welcoming customers back to the store in person as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Watch Morrow’s video to find out more about their store & brand

Philip featured in Maybe Tech’s latest Top Social Media tips blog when he discussed how he utilised social media through Christmas and engaged with his customers with a fun marketing campaign. Make sure you give Morrows a follow, like and share on their social!

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