Photography in Putney

World Photography Day is globally celebrated annually to honour the art of photography, and photographers worldwide. This year the day takes place on 19th August.

In the past decade, the art of photography has thrived by becoming an inevitable aspect of our lives; whether that be the use of professional images for companies and organisations, or capturing daily snippets of our lives on social media using our phones. The easy access to a camera has given nearly everyone the opportunity to pursue an interest in photography, and it is estimated that Facebook users upload almost 300 million photos on the platform daily.

If you are a passionate photographer, or someone who has an interest in photography but don’t know where to start, Putney has some amazing resources and views for you to start! Here are some ways you can be involved in National Photography Day this year:

  1. Buy a camera: If you’d like to have your own camera but don’t know where to purchase one, you can buy one from several places in Putney. Boots and Snappy Snaps, located on Putney High Street have a range of disposable cameras for under £10.00. Disposables are a great place to start if you are looking to expand your skills in 35mm and film photography. Putney High Street is also a great place to find yourself a digital camera, if you’re interested in digital photography. Robert Dyas also have a small range of cameras to pick from if you are in search for your first camera.
  2. Take your camera out and explore: Putney is an undeniably beautiful location to capture some great photos. If you would like to capture the beauty of nature, Putney Bridge serves as an excellent location to take snapshots of the River, or alternatively you can visit one of Putney’s beautiful parks, such as Leader’s Gardens, Putney Old Burial Ground or Wandsworth Park. The vibrancy of Putney during the evening also makes it a great location to take photos of nightlife .
  3. Develop/Print your photos and create a scrapbook: Once you have taken your new photos with your camera, or old pictures you’d like to have developed, you can get your creativity flowing and create a scrapbook for your printed photos! Putney offers some great services where you can have your photos developed such as Snappy Snaps and Boots’ photo printing service. If you are lacking creative inspiration or essentials for your scrapbook, Putney’s various stationary stores can encourage you to strike inspiration! Paperchase and Ryman, located on Putney High Street are two excellent options, or if you are in the Putney Exchange Centre, The Works and Waterstones are also great options to get your creative inspiration flowing.

If you’d like some ideas and inspiration, here are some photos we took around Putney last week:

These are just a few ways you can get involved during World Photography Day with Putney. Visit the opfficial website if you would like to learn more about World Photography Day. If you feel inspired to take photos in Putney, be sure to tag us on social media and use the hashtag “LovePutney”!

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