Plastic Free July in Putney

This month people across the globe got involved in Plastic Free July, a campaign started by a group in Australia, Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.

Although recent months have proven hard to kick the plastic with the disruption of COVID-19, we wanted to share some plastic free tips & recognise the ongoing Positive goals Putney is achieving towards ditching the plastic…

Reusable cups

At the start of July we delivered over 4000 cups to local pubs, restaurant & cafes to help reduce single use plastic when these establishments could reopen. With more outside spaces being used and takeaways a regular option to help with social distancing, these reusable cups have been a great alternative to cracking down on wasteful single use plastic – plus helping to reduce litter in our parks, rivers & overflowing bins!

More reusable products for sale in Putney

Putney Exchange Shopping Centre sells reusable masks from a nifty vending machine

This month we promoted places in Putney selling reusable items such as coffee mugs, water bottles & this year we also saw places starting to sell reusable masks. It’s great to be seeing more of these types of products for sale which can instantly reduce your plastic usage.

Businesses cutting their plastic usage

We spoke to a businesses this month on their efforts to kerb plastic usage. Here Nives who owns Kleo Beauty Salon on Upper Richmond Road told us what she’s achieved whilst reopening her store & through lockdown:

As a beauty salon, we have a high demand for pedicures, manicures and massage treatments on a daily basis. Already a decade ago, we noticed a problem every time we ordered hand & foot scrubs and massage oils from our suppliers. There were only small sizes available to purchase, which meant having to order more often. Even though the products came in beautiful plastic containers, they created a mountain of plastic waste.

There was also the fact that the beauty brands were still creating products that had an amazing scent but consisted of ingredients full of chemicals and toxins – not very kind to the skin or the planet.

It can be easy to forget that everything we use and put back into the environment, such as rinsing products down the drain, can have a long-term impact on the planet.

The question was how could we do better?

We set out to try a number of alternative plastic free and eco-friendly beauty solutions and when we could not find any that would match the criteria, entrepreneurial thinking kicked in – we created our own spa range that we mix ourselves using natural organic ingredients.

To this day, we continue to use products that we order in large bags and containers and then refill our own jars, helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste, and knowing that the products that go into the sewage system through our Spa Pedicure Chairs, do not add to the already struggling environment – polluting oceans and harming marine life, makes a small but lasting difference in the commitment towards sustainability and the plastic-free living.

Kleo Beauty using their own refill jars and buying in bulk to kerb plastic waste

Claire, Georgie & Zara at Homework Workspace, a co-working space for those working from home or freelance who want to hire an office space for an hour, day or longer are based on Upper Richmond Road & provided us with their eco-friendly solutions to their coffee & tea at their cafe:

Our tea is provided by Putney local supplier @Teasup, we have their biodegradable teabags and the lose leaf too providing customers with either option, both plastic free & sustainable options.

Our takeaway cups and lids are from @decentpackaging who make food packaging from plants and it’s all 100% compostable! Even our ice latte cups are made from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) which is plant plastic and can be broken down fully back into organic molecules.

Homework’s Decent Packaging are 100% compostable!

Check out their full suppliers info on their website:

Plastic free is for life not just for July

Plastic Free July is a fantastic campaign & does a huge amount to raise awareness of the global issue of plastic waste. The challenge to everyone to is see how far you can take it beyond July & implement more of those small changes into everyday life; all the little changes create a big impact if you imagine how many plastic water bottles you’ll save by bringing your own. Or taking your reusable bag to the shops will save you hundreds of plastic bags! We’re aware that being plastic free may have been even harder for some to achieve during these last few months due to COVID-19; but the advice is to start small & do what you can… & of course don’t put your plastic free goals above your own safety when it comes to social distancing!

Read more about Plastic Free July here

Share with us your Plastic Free achievements you’ve made this month! Tag us using #positivelyputney #shareourputney #plasticfreejuly

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