Putney High Street Improvements

Wandsworth Council have approved the funding for the first phase of the Putney High Street Improvements plan, which will see the most drastic changes to Putney High Street for many years. The plan includes a package of improvements to improve traffic flow, reduce pollution and make the area safer and more attractive.

Nicola Grant, Executive Director of Positively Putney said: “We have been working very closely with Wandsworth council on developing these improvements for Putney High Street to improve the pedestrian experience and the air quality. We have pledged £20,000 of support.”

The first phase, which costs up to £640,000, will include:

  • Sections of road-narrowing scheme in part of the High Street to enable pavements to be widened.
  • Improving the junctions of Putney Bridge Road and Lacy Road with the High Street.
  • Installing a piece of public art or ‘green wall’ on the cinema façade.
  • Uplighting buildings.
  • Installing a trial ‘Copenhagen Crossing’ to make the busy High Street easier to cross.
  • Removing unnecessary guardrails.
  • Planting trees and installing planters.
  • Installing a ‘City Tree’ which help filter pollution.
  • Reducing the speed limit to 20mph.
  • A trial cycle lane contra-flow.
  • Improving cycle parking provision.

The report contains a wide range of additional improvements, which will be introduced as more money becomes available. These include further improvements to the cycle network, exploring opportunities for relocating the taxi rank, installing more public art, creating more public open spaces and enhancing bus stops.

Read the full report

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