Putney’s Customer Service Awards

50 of Putney’s brilliant businesses were recently mystery shopped, participating in Putney’s customer service awards 2023. These establishments have been recognised for their dedication to providing top-notch service and creating memorable experiences for their customers.

Businesses received ‘outstanding’ ‘good’ and ‘participation’ certificates with average scores being at 85%, the competition was high.

4 Putney business received the highest acclaim:

  • Morrows I enjoyed my interaction with the male team member and his enthusiasm for the wide range of socks stocked‘.
  • Hutton’s
  • Allan Fuller ‘I appreciated the in-depth support provided as well as the confirmation and viewing reminders
  • Starbucks

Commitment to delivering “Good” customer service:

Acknowledged for their participation:

With these certificates proudly displayed in many shop windows, the awarded businesses are reinforcing their reputation for excellent customer service. The success of the Putney Customer Service Awards reflects the strong community spirit and the collective effort to make Putney a hub of exceptional service and hospitality.

With thanks to Insight6 for conducting the mystery shopping.

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