Secret Gems of Putney

Putney’s amazing attractions bring in Londoners daily for leisure, whether that be brunch, shopping or relaxing in Putney’s open spaces. However many visitors and locals often aren’t aware of the secret gems of Putney…so let us introduce you!

Putney Sculpture Trail: If you’re a local or familiar with the Putney area, you may have come across some random sculptures placed around Putney. Often people will see these sculptures and left curious as to why they are there. These sculptures are known as the Putney Sculpture Trail, an art piece created by British sculptor, Alan Thronhill. The first piece of this installation was unveiled in 1989, located on Lower Richmond Road; this sculpture was named, ‘Load’ and appears to show two people embracing each other. The last sculptures were launched in 2008.

Putney’s Blue Plaques: The blue plaque scheme was created by English Heritage with the purpose of celebrating and acknowledging the workplaces and homes of notable figures. In 2007, the Putney Society installed a series of Blue Plaques around the Putney area, to commemorate the lives of those who have made significant contributions and impact within Putney. Currently, there are 11 plaques around Putney, 3 of which are placed in a row, next to each other on Lower Richmond Road. So next time you are around the area, keep a lookout for one of these significant plaques!

Putney Old Burial Ground: This historical burial ground dates all the way back to the 18th Century! The Putney Old Burial Ground is located on Upper Richmond Road, yet is often overlooked, and many visitors are unaware of the urban park. This is one of Putney’s several parks, and is very peaceful and quiet. So the next time you’re looking for a a great spot for a picnic, a quick lunch break or a quite place to relax and read a book, be sure to consider the Putney Old Burial Ground. We are working closely with Wandsworth Council to improve this area, and will be planting 4000 crocus’s this Autumn so they will flower in the Spring of 2023.

A Hidden Vault…: Putney Pies can be seen located on Putney High Street, and for new visitors unfamiliar with the area, Putney Pies from a street view may just seem like one of Putney’s many restaurants. However, inside the home of the finest pies in the land there is a beautiful cellar vault which has a lovely bar and live music. Who would have known!

Forgotten history of Putney Bridge: Putney Bridge is one of the most notable things about the area, it’s hard to miss! However, many people do not know about the bridge’s near tragedy which occurred during the 18th Century. In 1795, a women jumped from the bridge after being the victim of infidelity. However, the women was rescued by passing boatmen and was discovered to be feminist advocate and writer Mary Wollstonecraft! After surviving the incident, Wollstonecraft married and had a daughter, Mary Shelley, the famed author who wrote the notable novel, ‘Frankenstein.’

If you have visited or are planning a visit to one of these lovely locations, let us know by sharing your experience on social media and tagging us.

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