St Margaret’s Church Fundraising

The following is a message from St Margaret’s Worth Parish Centre.

St Margaret’s, Putney has embarked on a project that promises to redefine its community spaces and activities for generations to come. Upon passing in 2020, Elizabeth Worth made a bequest to St Margaret’s that is now taking shape in the form of the Worth Parish Centre. With a vision to honour Elizabeth’s memory and contribute to the entire community, the project is aiming to revitalize the existing 1960s halls, which regularly hosts various small businesses and community groups, including a nursery, Pilates, kickboxing, ballet, language classes, brownies and guides, a community choir and Sunday school.

The proposed design involves the creation of a parish Centre that seamlessly connects the halls, the church, and surrounding facilities. It addresses current structural weaknesses, lack of connectivity, and outdated facilities, and will modernize the kitchen, toilets, and frontage while maintaining a contemporary
aesthetic that harmonizes with the beautiful gardens.

Polly Church, a local architect, and the construction company 4C from Putney have joined forces to bring the Worth Parish Centre to life. Thanks to the ongoing support of volunteers, donations, and a dedicated project manager, the community has rallied behind the initiative. The project is now entering its final phase, with construction underway, marking a significant milestone in the journey from conception to reality.

The Worth Parish Centre is not just a physical transformation but a commitment to serving the community. The new facility will enhance revenue for the parish, provide an inclusive and accessible space for various activities, and offer separated rooms for creche and Sunday School. Importantly, it will allow for independent bookings of spaces, accommodating more concurrent activities and serving as a versatile venue for weddings, services, concerts, and performances.

As the project nears completion, the St Margaret’s community is reaching out for local support to make the final push in fundraising. Events and initiatives have been planned to engage the community and encourage participation in this once-in-a generation opportunity to make a lasting difference in West Putney.

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