Vegetarian Week

This week is National vegetarian week. In Putney, we have many restaurants, cafes and pubs serving delicious vegetarian dishes.  From delicious sandwiches in Pret, to veggie friendly salads in Octagreen, Putney caters to your dietary needs. 

So, whether you are veggie, vegan, or flexitarian, there are some fantastic places that offer meat-free options, these include:   

the logo for national vegetarian week. Text reads 'national vegetarian week, 15th to 21st May 2023

Did you know 4.5% of the UK population follows a vegetarian or vegan diet?This figure is continually increasing with the national food strategy suggesting we try to eat 30% less meat by 2030.   []

Places continue to cater for diverse diets, and we love that there are so many places in Putney that offer something for everyone. Look out for offers being posted in the coming week, we are having a competition to win a £50 Wagamama voucher, so be on the lookout for this on our social media in the next few days!  

yum sa dumplings

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