What do Positively Putney do?

Residents often ask us what is it that we do. Well, we are a Business Improvement District (BID) and comply with the Governments BID legislation. We are funded by the businesses and do what the businesses ask us. We have a five year business plan which details the priorities as deemed by the businesses (back in 2016) to make Putney a thriving, better place.

If the businesses thought cleaning was the number one priority then we would spend all the budget on cleaning. Likewise if the businesses wanted lots of outdoor community events we would focus on that.

Infact in Putney the businesses ask us to do a little bit of everything. We break our work down into have three areas – Promote Putney, Pristine Putney (covers clean and safe) and Productive Putney. We are not Wandsworth Council (although do work closely with them), and we do not have statutory duties. We are a small agile team with a budget of roughly £300,000 a year to invest in Putney in the best way we can. We are here to support Putney businesses.

We are a not for profit limited company and this week have held our Annual Meeting (virtually). We voted in our Board of Directors (made up from local Putney businessses on a voluntary basis) and agreed our annual accounts. It was not the same networking opportunity in a bustling Putney establishment as it usually is but we fulfilled the legal requirements of the company.

It was a strange end to our financial year but we are proud of what we have achieved this year. If you would like to know more please do read our annual report.

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