Veganuary in Putney

Veganuary is upon us! One of the main goals of Veganuary is to promote the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and show that it is possible to live a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable life without using animal products. Many people decide to try a vegan diet for the first time during Veganuary as a way to improve their health, protect the environment, and reduce animal cruelty.

Vegan Friendly Restaurants

If you are considering participating in Veganuary, there are many restaurants in Putney that are vegan-friendly:

Bosa Lounge




The Dynamo

Franco Manca

Pizza Express

Vegan friendly Shopping

Vegan food doesn’t need to be expensive. Lidl has you sorted this month with a wide range of specials, including meat free alternatives and dairy free deserts. There’s also plenty of vegan food available at Waitrose and Sainsbury’s too.

If you’re also trying to be planet friendly, The Source Bulk Foods offers some great, plastic free vegan alternatives and snacks. Head to Putney Wholefoods, Holland & Barrett or Revital for vegan friendly snacks, alternatives and beauty products.

Fast Food? Make it Vegan

With Veganism on the rise, many fast food outlets have chosen to offer vegan options. See the list below for some of the options available in Putney:

McDonald’s – McPlant

Burger King – The Ulitimate Bean Burger, Vegan Royale and Vegan Nuggets.

KFC – Vegan Burger.

Chicken Shop – Spicy Korean Vegan Burger.

Chipotle – Vegan bowls, burritos and Tacos.

Tortilla – Burritos, Tacos and Bowls, including their vegan chili no carne.

Wasabi – Vegan sushi and hot dishes.

There are plenty of delicious and nutritious plant-based options to choose from, and you don’t have to give up your favourite foods. Give it a go and try out some vegan options in one of Putney’s restaurants and shops.

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