People Of Putney

After a year like no other, we want to celebrate the amazing local people of Putney who have worked tirelessly during COVID19. We have interviewed our local community of business owners, managers, staff and community workers and asked them what makes Putney such a fantastic place to both work and live in. You will hear each of their stories of how they came to work in Putney and also what we as a community can do to help keep their business going through these difficult times.

Each week we will profile businesses and you will soon get to know the Putney community in our town centre, even whilst we can’t visit these amazing stores in person just yet!

Click on our current People of Putney articles:

For Spring we’re planning to create a People of Putney mural in the town centre that will be a bright and happy feature in our town centre, hopefully ready for when we can have stores and hospitality reopen and invite people back into Putney.

Plus, we want to hear from you as the community on what you love about Putney! Let us know why you love Putney as a place to live and work, and your comment could be added to the mural.

Add your ‘I love Putney because…’ to comments on social media, or alternatively you can DM us on socials or send your comment to us at along with your name and tell us if you’re a resident, worker or visitor in Putney and how long you’ve been in Putney.

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